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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11th 2010

First, it being 9-11, I hope everyone is keeping the those who lost loved ones or their own lives in their prayers and thoughts.

I have not psoted in over a week. Quite frankly, I have been busy. Poor excuse, but it is the truth. Let's start with the basics...... the training. It is going good. Started this new 4 week workout Danny J has me on. As I said I was resistant to it, because it isn't the normal bodybuilding split. And on a couple exercises it requires me to lift lighter. But having said that, I don't mind it. Do I love it? NO. Do I have a problem with it? Again, NO. Danny knows best and what she says I will do. Although I ahve to be honest, these burpees and plank stuff are really hard for me. I am practicing at home, so hopefully that will improve. One thing I notice is my shoulders, especially traps seem to be getting much better. My main problem is the front of teh stomach. It is being stubborn. Consdiering my weight is down under 206lbs, it should be smaller, but it will happen. Speaking of weight, had a lull there. What some may call a "plateau", however I agree with Danny, there is no such thing. But sometimes it just needs to be cahnged. Danny added an extra carb day and the last few days it has been dropping again.

So why have I been busy? First, I am trying to make my interviews blog into a website, just need a designer. Also I want to get this radio show going. And I have been blessed to be hired as the manager to Carreen Berry and Sheena Hunter. My goal is to help them with photo shoots, booth work, sponsors, whatever else I can do. I am honored they trust me, and hope I can repay that trust by doing good things for them. Having two special women as "clients" makes it easier because they are capable of huge things. So please say a little prayer, for them, that I am good at this.


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