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Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16th 2010 My Good Bye to My Best Friend

Just sitting here bored, so figured I would make a quick post. Very ad today. Yesterday my cat Mickey had to be put down. He had cancer, and it was clearly time. Mickey was originally more or less my sisters cat. However, when she got married he stayed when she moved out. I was very close with him. He followed me pretty much anywhere. Seeing him get so skinny was hard but besides his weight loss there were no noticeable signs of him being in pain. Once those signs came, it was time. It is always a hard decision. Even harder to sit and hold the animal, in this case, cat, as the euthanize him. He went limp immediately of course and took a few seconds but he did pass. Laying there on the table waiting forever for the vet to come in, he just layed their peacefully. Reminded me of when you hear elderly people when they are at piece with themselves and know it is time for them. He layed there and did his thing where he rubs the side of his face against my index finger. I know my face was the last thing he ever saw.

Everyone says their pets are part of the family or their pets are their best friend. And, I believe that when they say it. It's how I was raised, to count a pet as family. I love animals. I even get mad when someone kills a spider. I have always been a "dog person". SO it is stranger that my best friend was a cat. As noted before, I don't have many real friends, mostly cause I don't want them. Don't have friends, don't get screwed over by friends. Here is is 12:30am, 31 hours afterwards and I find tears running down my face. Probably isn't the last time. I walk by the coffee table, and see the spot he used to lay on, and it is so strange not to see him there. When I walked down stairs the last two nights when it was only me and him awake, it is weird he isn't there. In fact last night I still said "good night Mick" as I always said when I went upstairs for the last time.

Mickey, as I said before, you were not a cat, or a pet, you were my best friend. I am so sad without you but it was the best thing for you to let you go. I don't know who I will share my chicken with now, who will sit on my bed with me all night when I cant sleep and just watch tv? I will miss you, but never ever will I forget you. I will remember the times you scratched at the door to my bedroom to get in. Came in and within two minutes scratched to be let out. I will remember you almost taking my finger off just for a piece of my chicken. I will remember you following me up and down the stairs over and over. Most of all, I will remember YOU. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Love you buddy.

Good Night Mick


  1. Wow jason!!!! I'm guilty i don't read the post enough because life happens! Lame I know!!! But you are such an awesome writer and you expressed how you felt so well that I did cry at 3:00 am in the morning the day before my big show! I am so glad we're Friends and as I always says love ya my friend hang in there that little cat had a great life with you! I have ferret that got out of our house 5 months ago and I still check for her when I come and go!! Still missing her!!

  2. Thank you Belinda. Love ya right back