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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th 2010

OK, been some time. Been crazy busy. Well lets get right to the good news. Weight today was 199.6lbs. When was the last time my weight began with the number one? Probably ten years. I feel really good about where I am at. Weight is not dropping like it used to, but that's because obviously at this lower weight, it doesn't come off so fast. But bodyfat is dropping and that's what counts. Still having trouble with the front of my stomach and the inner part of my legs. But sumo squats have been helping with the leg part.

I had planned to address and issue, an issue I talked with Danny about today. But I decided I will leave it as is. No need to bring it up and throw anyone under the bus. So instead let's talk about other good news. My awesome good friend Colleen Tanner is now being dieted by Danny J. SO Colleen welcome to team No Excuses LOL. Colleen is amazing and I really am excited for her because I think she can do amazing things with Danny. In November I will be driving a long way to spend some time with Colleen. Really excited about it as long as she doesn't make me look to bad in the gym.

Tomorrow is my last day of this training Danny has me on, and it's my off day, so really that makes it today I guess. Then back to the splits I love so much. I notice I am not only lifting heavier but lifting heavier for more reps, so that's great. And people have commented on my bicep peak, back, shoulders and delts which makes anyone feel good. Some progress photos are included in this post.

Monday Danny leaves for her three week vacation. Really excited for her, but really sad for me. I will miss not having her to text, call, and talk to. But if anyone deserves a vacation it is her.

She told me the other day I make her proud every day, and that is really what it is all about for me. All the guys who tried to tell me I should not be trained by a female, especially one who doesn't compete in bodybuilding and instead has done Figure and Bikini. Give me two years, and this non bodybuilding female trained person is going to get on stage with you, and hell, I just may beat you.


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