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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct. 25th 2010..... Got My Coach Back!!!

So if you will remember last time I said I was probably going through some stress not having Danny around. Funny thing happened. She returned and suddenly I am back to being confident and believing in myself. Some would say maybe I am to reliant on her. Well that may be the case. However if I am going to be reliant on someone, there is no better person to be reliant on. I am excited she is back and now it is full steam ahead (I hate that phrase, and yet here I am using it).

Speaking of that. The plan was to do a practice contest prep diet. Well, I see no reason to only do the diet. I say, let's do the whole process. Let's really act as if I am in contest prep. So Danny is putting the diet together and I am going to do this. She thinks with what I have done so far that the prep process might even be easier for me than what I have already done. Hell, I even agreed to suck it up and eat fish........ewwwwww.

I have been doing the workout she designed for me. You may remember me saying I don't like to have anyone design my workouts. But I decided to have her do it, and I like them. Only thing is I added a bicep exercise or two. Not because hers weren't enough, that's just because it is my favorite part to train. Chest has been my weakness, but using her workout, I am seeing big improvements there. Seeing improvements is such an incredible feeling. It makes you proud but it also makes you more energized to keep going.

I have been getting more and more questions and asking for advice. Understand, if it is advice I can give, I am more than happy to help out. I really enjoy helping others and I know how hard it is to learn things, I was lost myself till I got with Danny. But I am not a pro or anything. I can't always offer the advice, it would be irresponsible of me. Some things I am not qualified for. Actually, most things I am not qualified for. My advice is hire a trainer. A good trainer, not some schmuck who thinks he or she knows and will charge you and not help you.. Hire a good one, like Danny.

So I hope you all keep believing in me, because things are only getting better and within a year and a half I will be on a stage and I will look like I belong there, because I am being Danny-J made.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Octboer 13th 2010 I Miss Danny...but I got Genie and Eryn

OK, where do I begin? Been two weeks since I posted. Partly because I have been busy, and partly because quite honestly I have not been happy.

Let's just get right into the not happy. Yes, for the nine millionth time I know how far I have come, and I am very proud of it. No, for the nine millionth time I will not be posting full body progress pictures any time soon. See, I am frustrated because while the rest of my body has been doing great, my stomach remains a bit big, as well as my inner legs. Now since Danny got me doing more sumo's the legs are getting better. I know, I am a guy, and the stomach is always last to go. But it does not lessen the frustration. I know it will happen though. But who wants to write a blog or post pictures when they consider themselves fat? Not me! But I will keep plugging away and I will get that look I want. I have people tell me or ask me things. About what I want my weight to be and things. I don't have that answer. I am not looking for or trying for a specific weight. It is the look that I am working for. Also frustrated that the scales seems to be staying right around the 198-200lbs mark. But again, I know I look and feel better. I found out I am an inch and a half shorter than I thought so actually my bodyfat is a little higher than I thought.

Also I think there is some stress involved. Stress over Danny-J being on her much deserved vacation. I miss having her to call. The day before she left, I about had a nervous breakdown. See, some of you might think I am just kissing her ass when I say all these things about her. But I am not kissing anyones ass. I don't do that. She really is everything to me. I can't wait for her to return. But it got me to thinking today as I was KILLING my legs. I thought about just how reliant I am on her. I thought about just how big a part of this whole journey she has been. Everyone tells me I do the work, so I need to take more credit for myself. But really, maybe I do the work, and maybe I could do this without her. But it would take a whole lot longer. See, she teaches me how to do the work and eat right. I want to do this as much for her, as for myself. TO show the world how good she is at what she does. I am proud to have her as my teacher, coach, trainer, and leader. As my shirt says "I am a Danny-J Fitness No Excuses Athlete" and I am proud of that.

But missing her has been made a little easier. I have several great friends I have met in the industry, but two, Genie Sammons, and Eryn Strickland, have pretty much been there for me everyday advising me when needed, and listening to me rant when needed. Genie and Eryn I owe you both a huge thanks. You have helped me more than you know. Eryn you have taught me to be bullet proof. And Genie, we are going to do that mixed pairs and we are going to kick ass.

So what about the training? I don't want to bore you with Today was legs, I did this, that, and that, and this. I have had Danny design my workouts. I like what she put together for me. For legs today, it was brutal, but I did it, and loved it. I think having her take control of my workouts will help me even more. I had her give me two chest days a week, because chest is my weakness and already I am doing better and lifting heavier.

So all in all, things are good. I am more determined than ever. I am going to be on stage, I am going to do good, and no one will stop that.