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Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd 2010 Me and Sarah plus Only One Way This Can Be A Victory

Been forever, I know. But things have taken precedent. First let's get the ME out of the way. Took some progress pics for Danny. Need to add more muscle to my chest, but I have been improving that. Really what it comes down to is that I have a good deal of extra skin on my stomach. Can I get rid of it? Maybe yes and maybe no. The maybe no has me saying competing is not definite. I will not get on stage just to say I did it, so it will come down to whether we can get that taken care of. This practice prep has actually been quite easy, and honestly, it is easier than what I had been doing. Danny actually has added in a higher carb day because I may be dropping too fast. But anything less than competing, will not be considered a victory to me. So the main focus and hope is to get rid of that extra skin

I don't want this about me tonight. This is about my friend Sarah McLeod. Sarah has competed in Bikini, and is an MMA fighter. She is from Vancouver, but with a fight here on December 11th she is staying with me and I am working her corner. Me and Sarah have gone to the gym twice a day together and been watching a lot of horror movies. We have an interesting story of how we met. Someone introduced us, then that person and another tried to break us apart. We firmly believe things happen for a reason and we were brought together. We do for each other. I have helped her by giving her a place to stay and things, and she has helped me by giving me something to be excited about. I have been extra happy the last few days with her. Sarah has been used and screwed in her life, and I hope she knows my support is one hundred percent unconditional. I am excited to have her here for the holidays and for her fight and honored she wants me to corner her.

Things are looking up and except for this possible competing setback, I feel good about things. Now lets just hope we can get this extra skin off. The goal from day one was to compete, and if I can't do it, regardless of any weight loss success and transformation, this will not be a victory for me unless I compete

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov.4th 2010

Your Lower Expectations Are My Greater Motivations

OK, going to talk about me for a minute, then I am going to vent and vent big. If it offends you, get over it. LOL.

Yesterday started my nineteen week practice prep. Doing the whole thing as if it is a real prep. Get me ready for the real thing and help Danny learn what changes I will need for the real thing. I am excited about this and even sucking it up and eating things I hate like fish and cottage cheese.

Training has been great. Especially noticing big chest improvements. Danny has me doing chest twice a week since chest is my weakness. I have said it before, but there is no bigger thrill or bigger form of motivation than seeing improvements. I am going to keep getting better. Get to drive to Kentucky to train with Genie Sammons Sunday and Monday. Really looking forward to that.

Very weird to get a message the other day from someone calling themself one of my fans. Wow does that seem weird. I still am not totally comfortable with the whole inspiration thing. But fan? No, I am no one deserving of a fan. I do this for myself and to show people it can be done, but that is not deserving of fans, but it is flattering.

OK vent time. I am so sick of reading "People can't understand my lifestyle", "people cant do what I do", "This lifestyle is to hard for most". Get over yourself. When I started I was scared to death because I felt I didn't belong in the gym. I realized there was no reason to be scared. But I didn't have people telling me I couldn't do it...... that came later. The same people saying this crap are the same people complaining about how overweight and out of shape we as a society have become. Part of that is people are afraid of the gym. Telling them that crap scares them away, makes them afraid and no one should have to be afraid to go to the gym, train, get in shape, get healthy, or even compete one day. The real reason some people say this is because it makes them feel better about themselves or feel special. Don't say most can't do it, cause fact is EVERYONE can do it. Just most choose not to, and part of the reason is they are scared. I get lots of emails and messages from people asking for help because people won't help them. Fine, your choice, but don't spread fear. If I can do what I am doing, then ANYONE can do it. How about if instead we take time and encourage people, show them how to live the "lifestyle". I still remember the woman who told me "Jason, this sport is hard and I don't know that you can do it, maybe you should just be a backstage helper". WHAT? Kiss my ass lady. I deserve the chance to try just like you do, just like everyone else does. What kind of encouragement is that? Do you think you are special? Everyone is special for their own reasons, but you are not special because you can try and crush a person's dream. They may not stick with it, but everyone should be able to feel confident, walk into a gym, and see what they can accomplish. So saying most cant do it, does nothing but make them not want to take opportunity to go in and feel confident. Something amde each of us want to get in the gym, want to train. Well others have their reasons to, and deserve to be able to do it, reach whatever goal they have, and none of us has the right to scare them from that.