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Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd 2010 Me and Sarah plus Only One Way This Can Be A Victory

Been forever, I know. But things have taken precedent. First let's get the ME out of the way. Took some progress pics for Danny. Need to add more muscle to my chest, but I have been improving that. Really what it comes down to is that I have a good deal of extra skin on my stomach. Can I get rid of it? Maybe yes and maybe no. The maybe no has me saying competing is not definite. I will not get on stage just to say I did it, so it will come down to whether we can get that taken care of. This practice prep has actually been quite easy, and honestly, it is easier than what I had been doing. Danny actually has added in a higher carb day because I may be dropping too fast. But anything less than competing, will not be considered a victory to me. So the main focus and hope is to get rid of that extra skin

I don't want this about me tonight. This is about my friend Sarah McLeod. Sarah has competed in Bikini, and is an MMA fighter. She is from Vancouver, but with a fight here on December 11th she is staying with me and I am working her corner. Me and Sarah have gone to the gym twice a day together and been watching a lot of horror movies. We have an interesting story of how we met. Someone introduced us, then that person and another tried to break us apart. We firmly believe things happen for a reason and we were brought together. We do for each other. I have helped her by giving her a place to stay and things, and she has helped me by giving me something to be excited about. I have been extra happy the last few days with her. Sarah has been used and screwed in her life, and I hope she knows my support is one hundred percent unconditional. I am excited to have her here for the holidays and for her fight and honored she wants me to corner her.

Things are looking up and except for this possible competing setback, I feel good about things. Now lets just hope we can get this extra skin off. The goal from day one was to compete, and if I can't do it, regardless of any weight loss success and transformation, this will not be a victory for me unless I compete

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