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Friday, December 3, 2010

Dec 3rd 2010

Been a good few days for me. I was honored to be nominated for four Fitgems awards. Don't expect to win, but such an honor to be nominated in the same catagories as people like Jason Lannigan from Siouxcountry and Dave Palumbo from RXMuscle. I mentioned it to Zoa Linsey and she told me about her own nominations "it is nice to be recognized for doing what you love". So very very true.

Sarah ahs been here (except today while she is in Michigan doing a photo shoot). Her opponents have twice backed out so we hope she can get a fight on the 11th. Be a shame if she came all this way and didn't get a fight. We have an offer for January 8th but she might not be able to get back down for that. I ahve enjoyed having her here and hope she has enjoyed being here. I have been catching her up on all the horror movies she missed and hitting the gym with her twice a day.

Training and things are going good. Weight seems to have hit a point where it doesn't want to drop, but bodyfat percentage keeps going down. Really right now the only thing that will keep me from teh stage is if we can't get this extra skin on my stmach to go away. Don't tell me "there are surgeries for that". I know there are, but I don't want that, even if I could afford it. When this whole thing started the point was to prove I can do it, I don't want surgical help because it means I didn't do it on my own. Dann'y has added an extra five minutes to my cardio a day, so I guess that means she feels I need to do a little more to get the weight dropping again. I am sure it will happen. Right now chest is my weakness. It is improving and lifting ehavier, but everyone has that weaker part and for me it is chest.

I have started doing more visualization type stuff. Some people ahve said it helps. So when alone I visualize myself on stage. I visualize Danny sitting in the crowd being proud, my parents watching me being proud, things like that. Does it help? I don't know, but hopefully. I think in one instance I do know it helps. I know it helps when between sets I visualize it, it gets me more pumped for teh next set.

People will do one of two things. THey will hate on you or they will support you. If people support you it makes you believe you are doing something right, if they hate on you, it means you ARE doing something right.

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