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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 2011: I Am Back

Well first things first. You will notice I haven't updated this blog in months. But I am back. First, lets talk about why I was gone. Really simple. Too many people trying to give advice and things on what I am doing. I don't like that. I have a very simple formula that has worked for me. That formula goes like this: Listen to Danny-J. That's it. Too many people try and give advice and it often differs from what she says. Now I know often that advice is given with good intentions, but why spoil what works? So I decided to end the blog. But now things are happening, and I feel a responsibility to keep this updated. Whats happening? Patience, I will get to it, but first.....

I expect to have knew readers, so let's explain me and my goals. I weighed 292lbs. Not healthy and out of shape badly. Decided I had a goal. That goal was to compete on a bodybuilding stage. I said from day 1 that anything less would be failure. I decide what is failure to me. Tried some things with moderate success. Until I hired Danny-J to do the diet. When she took over the diet it clicked. I am not talking about the training part, as I had help there as well. Strictly diet here. Danny took over my diet and here I am a year later weighing around 180. It has been less and more, kind fluctuating right now. Danny has been so amazing I gave her control of my workouts as well. She designs and I do. I owe my success to her.

Now sometimes I know Danny gets frustrated with me. Because I look at the glass as half empty. I dont foten enough take pride in what I ahve done and get down about what I havent done. See, I have a problem. Lost so much weight I have a pretty bad loose skin issue. To get on stage, it needs to be removed, surgically. Remember what I said? To me anything less than the stage is a failure. I know its just sixty seconds, and she wishes I looked at the bigger picture. I get down, but it isnt being depressed, tis being disapointed, because I want to just once reach my goal. To stand on that stage and say "I did this" to look in a crowd and see her proud of me. It isnt about a trophy. I think sometimes people get way to caught up in getting on stage and winning, and forget to have fun. A trophy is just something to put on the fire place. I am fine if I finish last, just want her to be proud. But being dissapointed doesn't mean I am not proud. People have said, compete with the loose skin. Not an option. Way to much. It is great if it inspires someone and I take pride in that. But I never set out to be an inspiration. Thats one of teh nice things that came along the way. Just like deciding I want to become a trainer myself.

So how do we take care of this skin? As I said, surgery. Need to find a way to pay for it. So need to find some jobs. I will do whatever it takes. Along those lines, a speical woman named Tameka has taken it upon herself to help. She has started a website that allows people to donate. I don't ask for money, but as a wise woman told me "to refuse a gift is to refuse someone the blessing they recieve for their kindness". So if you want to help at all, here is the link http://helpjasonadams.bbnow.org/index.php.

I will continue to work my ass off every day in the gym, to reach my goal and to show people anything can be done if they try. Thanks to all who have helped, inspired and supported me. Its going to get fun now. I will do this, I promise.

Here is a picture of me with Danny a year ago and one recently, see the chagnes she made in me.

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