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Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7th

I really got to get better at updating this more often. How often do I say that? Pretty much each time I write lol. Where do I begin?

I guess lets start with my new workout and things. Danny has me in more of a building phase. Some will call it bulking. I hate the word bulking. Why? I don't want to be one of those people who just get hugely over their contest weight. Now, obviously I don't have a contest weight cause I haven't competed...... but I will. It works for some people, but I am, and Danny agrees, one of those people who would rather stay close. But she has upped my calories to add some size. Also she gave me a new workout. Did legs today. Holy butt crack batman, it was brutal, especially the lunge circuit. It didn't look like enough to me when I saw it, but one rule I will live by, is never doubt Danny. It was a puker, and great. Really happy with the whole plan, as it in effect has me doing both parts twice a week.

I weighed 188 the other day, and was upset at first. I mean I was as low as 175 at the Arnold's. But I realized, I am growing at a good speed. I am adding good muscle, people, especially Danny say that. I won't see 180 again. The days of trying to "loose weight" are over. Now, obviously, like with competing their will be dropping weight and leaning out. But I mean trying to no longer be fat is over. I am not fat, and will never be fat again. Now it's about adding size and getting as big as I possibly can.

Still getting frustrated though. I know I can compete and make Danny and myself and my supporters proud. But it's this damn loose skin, mostly my stomach and a little by my pecs. I need it gone to get on stage. Someone once said it's my responsibility to compete with the loose skin to show others it can be done. No way!! I enjoy that people call me inspiring and things. It's an honor. But it's not my responsibility to look less than I can, just so others think they can. There is too much skin. I would look like I don't belong. I have enough skin that I in some ways do look fat. So hopefully, we can find a way, or people keep donating, or something.

I have posted a photo of my leg today after my first day of Danny's workout.

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